Indian And Pakistani Friends Unite On Social Media To Say No To War

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Yesterday (February 27) Pakistan claimed it shot down two Indian Air Force planes, with a surviving pilot reportedly being arrested.

A spokesperson for the Pakistan Armed Forces, Major General Asfi Ghafoor, made the announcement on Twitter, stating the action was warranted because the jets were flying inside Pakistan’s airspace.

It has escalated the Kashmir conflict, which is primarily between India and Pakistan, and has taken place since the partition of India in 1947.

The countries have fought three wars over Kashmir, with both claiming the region is theirs while only controlling parts of it.

Recently an online campaign has called for peace between the two nations, with the hashtag ‘ProfileForPeace’ trending on Twitter.

Thousands of Indians and Pakistanis have joined the campaign, sharing photos of themselves holding up a note which says where they are from, and that they don’t hate each other.

The ‘ProfileForPeace’ hashtag was actually introduced by Mumbai-based ad-filmmaker Ram Subramanian in 2016, but it is trending again in light of recent events.

He originally shared a photo of himself holding up a note which read:

Dear leaders,

Do not let the actions of few violent men write the future of many people, like me, who want peace.

#KillTerroristsNotTalks #ProfileForPeace

He then invited others to join in, writing a similar message on paper, taking a selfie with it and uploading to social media, maybe also making it your profile picture.

Earlier today Shafi Khan Masood joined in, sharing a photo of himself on Twitter with the text ‘I am Pakistani, I don’t hate India, I hate war, I am not alone’.

While Nitin didn’t share a photo, he did post a similar message:

I am an Indian.
I dont hate pakistan.
I dont want war.
I am not alone.
There are many people like me.

I understand that incompetent leaders of both countries are responsible for this mess.

Another Twitter user shared a tweet which read:

We both are peaceful nation only people who will not less peacefully they are politicians so say no to war.

Shahzad Shafi shared the story of a moment of friendship they witnessed tweeting:

I’m Witness of one the historical moment.

When the owner of Dunkin’ Donuts my dearest friend Iqbal Latif in Pakistan, offered free food to all Indians visiting the country.

The campaign is inspiring stuff.

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