Influencer With 4 Million Followers Held At Gunpoint Was Actually Victim Of Prank

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 19 Oct 2019 15:03
Influencer With 4 Million Followers Held At Gunpoint Was Actually Victim Of PrankInfluencer With 4 Million Followers Held At Gunpoint Was Actually Victim Of PrankKatusha Adushkina/Instagram/YouTube

A Russian influencer has told her four million Instagram followers how she was pranked by a man who pulled a gun on her in the street.


Katusha Adushkina, 16, sobbed as she told her followers she wanted to ‘forget this morning altogether’.

‘It was the worst situation in my life,’ she wrote on the picture sharing site. ‘I went out in the morning, as usual, from the gym to my home. A young man (as I later learned about eighteen years old) in a pink sweatshirt stood right next to my house.’

Katusha says he asked her where the subway was but didn’t leave when she told him. She says he then attacked her and grabbed her.


The influencer continued:

God, it’s very scary to remember it again…

Katusha said she started screaming and unsuccessfully trying to break while passers-by either fled or asked if she needed help.

She explained:

He whispers in my ear that everything will be fine, and that I do not jump.

I’m still trying to break free and attract passers-by as this young man pulls out a gun.

The man then pointed the gun at her and the crowd before counting to three, but the gun didn’t fire. Instead, he pulled out a bunch of flowers and handed them to her.

She said:


Then the boy abruptly lets me go and runs away the other way.

I grab all my things lying on the ground and run inside.

Katusha said the men behind the ridiculous stunt had filmed it for their YouTube channel, proving people really will do anything for a bit of online fame.

The 16-year-old said:

I don’t want to turn what happened into hype, making a fuss but you cannot be silent.

Huge views and ratings are not more important than the life of even one person!

According to reports in Insider, Katusha saw the footage and prohibited the group from releasing it, citing they just wanted to exploit her game.

She said:

It turned out that it was a well-planned attack.

What’s next? What other things people will do for the sake of likes?

Russian police are now believed to be investigating the incident.

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