Insane Video Of Salt Falling In Slow Motion Has Blown People’s Minds

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Sep 2021 13:39
Insane Video Of Salt Falling In Slow Motion Has Blown People's Minds@macrofying/Instagram

Putting salt on your food might be one of the most mundane things you do in a day, but with the help of a little magnifying, one digital creator has managed to turn it into an event worthy of the big screen. 

The YouTube channel ‘Macrofying’ is home to all sorts of impressive and unexpected videos thanks to the work of a macro photographer from Germany, who uses technology to zoom ‘into the depths of everyday objects to reveal new worlds.’


Some recent videos shared on their social media channels include a close-up of a flower, an insight into a bowl of cereal and the scrutiny of some snow, though it’s a video of salt that has left some people questioning whether their creation is actually real.

Salt shaker (Pixabay)Pixabay

Shared to the Macrofying Instagram page this week, the video shows a salt shaker being tipped upside down to allow grains of the white mineral to fall from the glass. It’s a scene most of us will have witnessed countless times, and unless something disastrous happens, like the lid falls off or the salt refuses to come out, we usually don’t think twice about it.

Zoom in on one of the grains, though, and the scene instantly becomes more intriguing, making it appear as though a jagged iceberg is falling through a dark sky.


Combined with the whistling sound that comes with an object falling from a height, the scene wouldn’t look out of place in an asteroid-disaster movie, with authorities panicking as they work out how to divert the deadly-looking salt from Earth’s path.

Check out the video below:


Social media users have been blown away by the sight, with viewers responding to describe it as ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome’.


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Responding to the video on Twitter, one person wrote: ‘Woah this is insane! You are extremely underrated (at least on Twitter)’.

Other people were left questioning how the video was made, with one writing, ‘HOW is this possible????????????’ while another commented: ‘But how?. Are you animating? Cutting? Or simple [sic] just zooming perfectly?’

I think it’s probably fair to say Macrofying has managed to provide one of the most interesting insights to salt out there – even if the literal ins-and-outs of the process remain a mystery!

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