Inside The Town With A Population of 2 People

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Jun 2021 18:34
Inside The Town With A Population of 2 People@trogelstad/TikTok

A TikToker has given an intriguing insight into what life looks like in a town with a population of just two people.

The town in question is Felicity, California, founded in 1986 by Jacques-André Istel, who also serves as the town mayor. Istel named the small, oddly beautiful town after his wife, Felicia, the only other resident.


Trevor Rogelstad visited the mysterious place during a trip with his boyfriend, and documented it on TikTok, capturing footage of the town’s chessboard, staircase to nowhere and a 21-foot pyramid, which the town residents suggest is the centre of the universe.

Check it out below:


The couple even snapped a sighting of one of the two residents, although it’s unclear from the distance whether this was Mr or Mrs Istel.


Despite the tiny population, Felicity has a church, graveyard and even a ‘maze of honour,’ with the eccentric layout inspired by Istel’s children’s book, Coe the Good Dragon at the Center of the World.

Trevor set the video to creepy Halloween sound effects, but in reality the couple who live and run the town are said to be very nice, as testified by many in the comment section.

Notably, the town also boasts the Museum of History in Granite, which is said to be a pretty interesting day out should you ever happen to be in the area.

Felicity, California (Trevor Rogelstad/TikTok)Trevor Rogelstad/TikTok

Perhaps the most fascinating bit about Felicity is that it is said to be located at the very centre of the Earth, with the pyramid marking the exact centre.

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Trevor Rogelstad/TikTok
  1. Trevor Rogelstad/TikTok