Instagram Model Has Perfect Response To Trolls Who Abuse Her

by : UNILAD on : 21 Jan 2017 16:55

This morning is.. @plumeetheree ?

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This Instagram model was so sick of cruel trolls and mean comments, she came up with a way of dealing with them and it’s perfect. 

Chiara Nasti  – who’s got the sassiest of surnames to match her troll-bashing tactics – had put up with so much online abuse from pathetic trolls, she thought of an ingenius way to outwit them once and for all.


The 19-year-old swimwear model from Italy, deals with vicious trolls, cruelly commenting on her outfits and her appearance on a daily basis.

Paradise? @hemerasboutiquehouse #hemerasboutiquehouse

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They would slam her clothing and nastily call her an ‘ignorant cretin,’ whose ‘dressed like shit’.

One even wrote:


Am I the only one who thinks every photo of Chiara Nasti is vulgar? Even wearing high fashion clothes, she has no elegance.

But now it seems she’s had enough and her way of dealing with the mean comments is just savagely brilliant.


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The Italian model printed a compilation of the most brutal messages the trolls had planted on her profile on none other than a toilet roll.


That’s right, something you wipe your arse with, sending the message loud and clear to her taunting followers…

She captioned it with:

Clean yourself with decency #forhaters.

Pulirsi in modo decente ? #forhaters

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Her 1.3 million fans came to her side to celebrate her victory over bullies, receiving 25k likes and attracting hundreds of messages of support for the cunning model.

One wrote: “What a genius!” While another added: “You win!”

I'm not anything that you think I am

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Such savage revenge.


She owned them good and proper, showing the insults of jealous bullies are worth nothing but shit, literally

It’s great Chiara wasn’t going to take their abuse lying down and showed them what their words really mean to her.

Very well played.

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