Internet Reacts To Racist Meme By Turning Victim Into Hero

by : UNILAD on : 10 Dec 2015 22:11

Earlier this year this Sikh basketball player’s image was utilised by some morons online within a racist meme. Thankfully the internet has struck back.


Darsh Singh was the NCAA’s first turbaned Sikh basketball player, and he was once the co-captain of his team at Trinity University.

The meme suggested that Darsh was in fact a potential terrorist, and people would not mark him due to the threat of him carrying explosives.


Thankfully for Darsh he has made a lot of friends in life, and they were not about to allow the abuse to stand.


On December 6 his mate Greg Worthington took to Facebook to set the record straight.

Let me tell you why this shit isn't funny. I know this guy and his name's not 'Muhammad.' He's not Arab, he's Punjabi….

Posted by Greg Worthington on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Over 35,000 shares later, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center set up #BeLikeDarsh.

As a result Twitter has gone crazy with social media users highlighting all the reasons Darsh is a perfect role model.


And then the man himself stepped in to have his say.

What an absolute legend.

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