Internet Shares Stories Of Nice Celebrities Following Sex Scandal

by : Francesca Donovan on : 10 Nov 2017 19:53
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Hollywood and the entertainment industry has experienced an awakening, in the aftermath of countless accusations of systematic sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of some major players.


Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. Dustin Hoffman. Accusations have been squared at more than a few.

So, Twitter users have gathered together to share stories showing not every powerful member of the Hollywood elite is cruel, abusive and unthinking.

Emma Watson:


@amyratcliffe123 wrote:

My friend wrote a poem about Emma Watson and her English teacher sent it to Emma (Emma used to attend our school).

Whilst she was visiting the school again, she came into our biology class and took my friend out to thank her.

Robin Williams:


@caylenb shared a heart-warming tale about the late, great comedic talent:

Robin williams was the nicest, most compassionate celebrity I ever had the pleasure of knowing in person.

Personally saw him threaten to beat the hell out of some random harassing a homeless person in the ocean district six or so years ago.

Zach Galifianakis:


User Alex Weinberg said:

Working at The Gap as a kid i recognized [sic] Zack Galifianakis pre-Hangover and he offered me free tickets to that night’s show and (when i already had them), went out of his way to do a Gap riff after seeing me in the front row.

Robert De Niro:


Kashana Cauley described De Niro’s simple act of kindness:

Robert De Niro graciously held the door for me for ten awkward minutes while I forced a stroller inside once.

Keanu Reeves:


On a grander scale, Diana Joy explained:

Keanu Reeves regularly takes paycuts so that his wages can be used to pay the crews on his movies bonuses.

Tom Hiddleston:


Consummate Brit, Tom Hiddleston, reacted perfectly to spilling @captain_tiny’s coffee:

Tom Hiddleston ran into me in the street once and spilt my coffee.

He apologised so many times the words started to sound weird and he bought me another coffee.

Danny DeVito:


Fellow actor, Mara Wilson tweeted:

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman let me stay with them when my mom was in the hospital for cancer surgeries.

 Chris Martin:


Shruthie reminded us all:

Chris Martin of Coldplay visits kids hospitals in every country he goes on tour with his band to.

He spends hours talking to the kids, singing them songs, giving them presents and cheering them up.

He’s never spoken about it and we only know from social media posts from patients.

Michelle Pfeiffer:


@DrewMcWeeny wrote:

Michelle Pfeiffer spent a long afternoon on STARDUST demanding baby pictures and stories about my then-new son and telling stories about her own kids.

She gave me parenting tips and a list of places to go in LA when he got older.

Viggo Mortesen:

@KbaileyBooks recalled Mortensen’s kindest to the stunt animals on the Lord of the Rings set:

When the stunt horses in LOTR were being auctioned off, Viggo bought the white Horse ‘Arwen’ rode for the stunt rider who filmed the chases with the Nazgul because she had fallen in love with the horse but couldn’t afford to buy him.

Steve Buscemi:


Lynn Harris noted Buscemi’s joy and generosity on Halloween:

Steve Buscemi always dresses up for Halloween and gives out candy with Elvis Costello at his house in #ParkSlope Brooklyn.

It seems there is, of course, hope for Hollywood after all?

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