It’s Been Three Years And We Still Remember Who Ronnie Pickering Is

Ronnie PickeringRonnie Pickering/Facebook

Do you know who Ronnie Pickering is?

Of course you do, since 2015 when he shouted his name out of his red Citroen Picasso, with an equally red face, the internet has been left in no doubt as to who the man is.

It’s the most beautiful display of British road rage the Internet has to offer, and it turns three years old today.

Here’s the video. Every second is gold:

The video shows Ronnie getting more worked up while the motorcyclist remains fairly clueless as to why he’s in such a rage.

The motorcyclist continues to remain annoyingly (for Ronnie) calm in the situation, while the former boxer from Hull became so red and filled with rage, he could barely speak and unclench his fists.

In the last three years one-punch-Ronnie has become somewhat of an Internet sensation since that fateful day on the way back from Asda.

After the incident, Pickering told the Hull Daily Mail:

I’d like to apologise for my outburst. He really got to me. I am not an aggressive guy. He was baiting me so I thought I would give him a few of my thoughts.

I heard a tap, which I thought was the driver using his boot to hit my car. I don’t know why he did this. He overtook a load of cars that was queueing. He encroached into my safety gap. I was wanting to turn right, but he wouldn’t go. I felt as though he was baiting me.

Ronnie Pickering auctioning his carEbay

He really put Hull on the map, and since the outburst, he has been on the receiving end of online attention which allowed him to auction his famous red car.

The viral sensation in his 50s put the car on Ebay to raise money for the L6ve Life charity for people with Motor Neurone Disease.

It seems the moped driver who filmed Pickering, Steve Middleton, isn’t shy of a run-in with drivers, and filmed another road rage incident.

With his video post Mr Middleton claims:

This idiot overtook me too close and fast, so I had a word. He had a whole clear lane he could have used instead of passing me so close.

However, having watched the footage, it doesn’t seem like the car driver actually did too much wrong – and with Mr Middleton claiming that he had another encounter with this BMW driver a couple of weeks ago, could it be that it is actually him who is pissing off other road users?

Mr Middleton told the Hull Daily Mail:

People should know that I always wear a camera and I’ll always upload footage if someone does something silly in front of me. For me, it’s about educating drivers. If they don’t want to see themselves viewed by thousands, or even millions, on YouTube, they should have regard for other road users.

In response to Middleton’s second run in, Pickering said:

The man is playing Russian Roulette with cars. He’s going to mess with the wrong person one day. I told you he was a muppet. The muppet strikes again.

Don’t mess with ‘Ronnie f**king Pickering’.

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