Jake Paul Makes Bizarre Offer To Fight KSI

by : UNILAD on : 05 Feb 2018 17:34
KSI/Jake Paul/YouTube

Jake Paul and KSI are two names I didn’t know until about five minutes ago but apparently they’re a big deal if you give the slightest hoohah what YouTubers have to say.


They’re also supposedly arch nemesis’ on a Spiderman v Green Goblin level and vent their unadulterated raw hatred to one another on countless videos, which definitely aren’t entirely fictitious and only shared to attain views.

Apparently the feud has been going on for far too long but now it’s taken yet another turn – with Jake Paul offering to fight KSI and/or his brother Deji.

Jake Paul, who in case you didn’t know is the brother of shamed YouTuber, Logan Paul, has even gone so far as to have an MMA Octagon built in his living room – as you do.


The story so far is Deji isn’t interested in an MMA bout because he hasn’t trained for that sort of thing, Paul on the other hand doesn’t fancy boxing because ‘boxing isn’t a real fight’. His words, not mine.

More specifically, in the video, he says:

A boxing match is not a real fight. It doesn’t show who is a real fighter. Big pads on gloves and I’m not going to utilise only my fists in a fight. That’s not how people fight.

What I’d pay to see him in a ring with Mike Tyson for one round.

Jake Paul/YouTube

Paul also offered Deji $100,000 if he could beat him in an MMA bout before saying he’d like to fight KSI in a ludicrous bout which alternates between boxing and MMA after every round; round one being boxing and switching to MMA in round two etc.

The whole thing began in the aftermath of KSI’s fight with Joe Weller last month – a bout which saw KSI come out easily victorious with a rather brutal TKO.


Following the punch-up, KSI said:

If any YouTuber wants it they can come and get it. Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls – I don’t care. Bring it.

Personally I like that line: ‘Any of the Pauls’. Pauls of the world – ‘bring it’.

So if your names Paul and you want a go, get in touch with KSI. There’s bound to be some ‘well ‘ard’ people called Paul who are desperate for a scrap.

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