James Blunt And Carl Fogarty Are In Weirdest Celebrity Beef

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In perhaps some of the weirdest news of the day, former superbike champion, Carl Fogarty, has fell out big time with James Blunt over a pizza.

According to the Mirror, the King of the Jungle ‘felt cheated’ that the ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer and (arguably) most ruthless man on Twitter picked all the pizza toppings Foggy wanted for his pizza at their restaurants.

And to add to Foggy’s fury, Blunt’s Pizza actually outsells the Fogarty Pizza at the Swiss restaurant they own together.

They opened the restaurant back in 2013 when the four-times World Superbike champ teamed-up with former army officer and singer, Blunt, and ex-England rugby captain Laurence Dallaglio, 43, to open La Vache (The Cow) – original name.

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Hilariously, Foggy – sounding incredibly bitter – said:

We have a competition to see whose pizza sells the most over a winter season and James Blunt has won it every time.

He chose the best pizza straight away – I wanted the ingredients he chose but he got in first.

I feel a bit cheated and I always end up in second place with my parmesan and rocket one.

He has spicy meats, parma ham, red onions – it’s the sort of pizza people want to eat – and do.

It really annoys me to be honest and it makes it worse that Blunt is so smug about it.

Honest, I think that’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever read.

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Personally, I think this is the final straw for Foggy as it has also emerged that his wife of 25-years has threatened to divorce him if he goes on Channel 4’s The Jump – which is something he really wants to do.

What a guy…