Japanese People Can’t Understand Why Everyone Is Choking Sasuke

sasuke meme gordon ramsay narutoTXN/Fox

Take a seat Surprised Pikachu because Sasuke Choke Edits are rising in the meme economy.

The hottest image doing the rounds on the internet right now is taken from manga series Naruto, and depicts Sasuke being held up against the wall by his brother Itachi Uchiha – and people online are having a lot of Photoshop fun.

This meme has got Photoshoppers’ creative juices flowing, putting the Naruto character alongside various pop culture stalwarts such as Shrek, Freddie Mercury, and Gordon Ramsay.

It’s so good, I’ve wasted five minutes making these:

naruto distracted boyfriend pikachu memeTXN/Pokemon Company/Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock/UNILAD
sasuke mac memeTXN/FXX/UNILAD
sasuke mortal kombat memeTXN/Midway Games/UNILAD

But you didn’t come here to gawk at my amateurish efforts and this definitely was not my idea. All the credit goes to Twitter user @kirikocult who, on January 13 posted two pictures combined, showing Sasuke being choked by a cat.

The original tweet gained almost 10,000 retweets and 19,500 likes in its first three days online, Know Your Meme report.

On January 14, Twitterers @glossjeons and @shotodorkis joined the Choking Sasuke party, editing images to show the ninja being choked by South Korean rapper J-Hope, and anime character Sakura Hanuro, gaining over 12,000 and 4,900 retweets respectively over two days.

sasuke memeTXN/glossjeons/Twitter
sasuke memeTXN/shotodorkis/Twitter

Let’s just open the floodgates because that’s why you all came here:

sasuke meme harry potter dumbledoreshoutingabout/Twitter
sasuke shrek memeTXN/Dreamworks

It’s all ogre now.

I can’t imagine being in a meme. That’s way too much for my tiny, 1990s raised in front the TV kind of brain, but fortunately UNILAD spoke to Lucia Gorman who went viral in 2018.

The shot, taken by David Wilkinson at Opal Lounge in Edinburgh, captured Lucia’s disinterested expression at exactly the perfect moment.

Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, Lucia told UNILAD:

All my family who’ve seen the photo since have agreed it’s the most typical photo of me when anything you say is going in one ear and out the other.

I do the face quite a lot, actually. It’s a bad habit. I just cannot contain my expressions – ever. If I’m thinking something then you’ll be fully aware of that through my face, as you can tell.

Read more about what it’s like to become viral famous over here. I’m having too much fun mucking around in Photoshop.

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