Jared Leto Teases The Return Of The Joker On Snapchat

by : UNILAD on : 19 Jan 2016 16:27
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It seems Jared Leto is ever the tease as he took to Snapchat last night to drop some major hints about his upcoming roles. 

The musician and actor may not have received rave reviews for his depiction of the joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ last summer, but that doesn’t mean he won’t wow fans this time around.


To torment his fans, Leto took to Snapchat to post some ominous pictures and it’s certainly got tongues wagging, according to Uproxx.

His first sly post was the cover of The Killing Joke with no further explanation…


Obviously this drove fans wild as they speculated on his return.


But does it mean that Leto will be popping up as the frightening Joker in Ben Affleck’s three-hander The Batman?

Or maybe he’ll be making an appearance on Margot Robbie’s self-produced Gotham City Sirens?

The possibilities are endless but his next Snapchat message was even stranger though…



His mysterious message contained a purple and gold Gucci box with a creepy looking tooth –  a real human one at that – set in gold and silver and looking fairly scary.

It looks pretty eerie, but perhaps Leto is alluding to the scene where Batman knocks one of the Joker’s teeth out, before he got metal ones and tattooed ‘damaged’ on his forehead.

It’s just a guess, but with no further information on these trippy posts, what are we to do?


Rumours still continue to circulate about his possible role in ‘Justice League’, although this does seem unlikely.

Who knows, but it seems for now Jared is quite happy to keep us guessing…

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    Jared Leto Teases A Return To The Joker Role With These Photos