Jeff Wittek Says David Dobrik Left Him ‘F*cked Up’ After He Was Nearly Killed By Excavator Stunt


Jeff Wittek Says David Dobrik Left Him 'F*cked Up' After He Was Nearly Killed By Excavator StuntJeff Wittek/YouTube/shutupallea/Twitter

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has described himself as being ‘really f*cked up’ after he was nearly killed in a stunt orchestrated by David Dobrik. 

Wittek opened up about his accident earlier this month as part of a documentary series titled Don’t Try This At Home, in which he detailed swinging from an excavator that was being controlled by Dobrik, but being injured after he flew towards the camera.


When the stunt went wrong, Wittek was left with a severely injured eye and he later announced on Instagram he ‘broke [his] face and skull in a few places’, though at the time he didn’t reveal what had happened.


In the third instalment of his documentary series, released on April 26 and titled After The Accident, Wittek recalled his experience in the time after the disastrous stunt, when Dobrik continued to gain success through his 18 million-strong YouTube following and attention around the YouTuber collective the Vlog Squad.

Wittek said he began to ‘resent’ Dobrik as he sat recovering in his house, looking at Dobrik’s Instagram stories.


He commented: ‘I would click on it and it would be him being praised for something that he had accomplished that week. And I’m sitting here in my house, in the worst place I’ve ever been, thinking I’m never going to get back to where I was at.’

Wittek described resenting even ‘seeing his face’, so much so that it made him ‘not want to go online’.

He continued: ‘It made me not want to open up YouTube. It just put me in a bad place. I’m healed enough to walk around, but I’m still really f*cked up.’


The video includes clips taken in the months after the accident, where Dobrik’s friends appear to be defending him as one says he ‘didn’t know what to do to be there for you.’

Another person hits back to point out that Wittek ‘almost died’, after which Wittek argued that all Dobrik had to do was come and check on him, and ‘talk to [him] man to man, in person.’

David DobrikDavid Dobrik/Instagram

A preview of the upcoming instalment of the documentary sees the pair finally sit down for a conversation, with Wittek telling Dobrik that he feels ‘weird’ because they haven’t spoken for a month.


The YouTuber previously explained that he didn’t think much could go wrong if he was to ‘swing from a rope over a one-foot deep lake,’ but said at the time that he hadn’t considered ‘that the biggest f*cking idiot [he knew] was driving it.’

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Jeff Wittek/YouTube
  1. Jeff Wittek/YouTube

    AFTER THE ACCIDENT | Ep 3 | Don't Try This At Home

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