Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter Was Hacked And It Was hilarious

by : Tom Percival on : 11 Jan 2016 14:18

Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account appears to have been hacked last night when ‘he’ made a series of hilariously rude tweets.

Our personal favourite was one aimed at Prime Minister David Cameron, calling him a “pie”, while other tweets expressed Jeremy’s strong opposition to the nuclear defence programme Trident, stating simply “Fuck Trident”. To be honest, he probably does secretly think that last one…


The tweets began to appear just after 9pm on Sunday evening and actually managed to gain the Labour leader another 380,000 followers.


The “pie” insult led some to speculate that the witty hacker was Scottish, while others said that the “straya cunts” tweet – a popular slang term amongst Australians – meant that the hacker must have been from Down Under.

Despite the tweets only being up for mere moments before they were hastily deleted, each one was retweeted hundreds of times and screenshotted for posterity. Speculation as to who was responsible for the mystery tweets is rife.


Meanwhile, the Internet reacted in typically glorious fashion…



Although some thought this was a wasted opportunity…

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn declined to comment.

Hey, maybe the Leader of the Opposition just had a heavy night and went on a Twitter rant? We’ve all done it…

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