Jeremy Kyle Lashes Out At Russell Brand Over Tunisia Comments



Jeremy Kyle is normally the mediator in spats and arguments, trying to stop them. But when it comes to Russell Brand, he is a bit more vocal and direct.

Russell made a new ‘Trews’ video this week, posted on his YouTube channel, where he called the minutes silence for the victims of the Tunisia massacre ‘bullshit’.

Brand urged people not to observe the minutes silence, and blamed Britain’s attacking of foreign countries for the attacks.

He said:

It’s a minute of bullshit.

If you respect those people then demand that your government stops selling arms to countries on its own human rights abuse list, demand that your government stops carrying out foreign wars on behalf of corporations.

It will have a lot more impact than a minute’s silence.


But Jeremy Kyle doesn’t agree with him, though.

Speaking about Brand’s video, he said:

It smacked of desperation, while also completely disrespecting the poor innocents who lost their lives just over a week ago.

OK, so you may not want to observe a minute’s silence as a mark of respect to those who died. But to trash their memory and denounce that silence as ‘total bullshit’ is disgusting.

Maybe you have some deep, empathetic understanding of a lone wolf on a killing spree.

Maybe you understand his ravings. Maybe you understand his class-A cravings — they say the killer was high on cocaine.

But you misunderstand the British people if you think they will applaud you for hijacking the call for a moment of national reflection and turning it into something all about you. A minute of silence was the least we could do to show respect.

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It’s quite a funny one really, seeing two huge ego’s clashing like that.

Russell Brand may have a point, even if he did put it across terribly. The same goes for Jezza.

Both are outspoken, and if Brand retaliates, which he might, it could go back and forth forever. Brand will use loads of words that nobody has ever heard of before, rolling his R’s to confuse him, while Jezza will just raise his voice from behind a big bouncer fella, then get Graham on him.

Get them in a boxing ring!