JK Rowling Shuts Piers Morgan Down In Epic Harry Potter Twitter Beef


Beloved author and national treasure JK Rowling has had a Twitter bust up with Celebrity Apprentice winner and professional attention seeker Piers Morgan.

The argument began when Rowling tweeted how much she enjoyed seeing Morgan get annihilated by Jim Jefferies when he appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, Mashable reports

Piers, never one to take criticism lying down responded that this is exactly why he’d never read a word of Harry Potter. Unfortunately for Piers JK wasn’t going to take his barbs lying down.


She immediately responded asking the reality star if he’d really never read the books after having a Professor Trelawney-style premonition that one day JK would laugh at him.

Things got more awkward when JK pulled out an old article written by Piers that referenced Harry Potter quite a bit, and when we say a bit we mean features extensive quotes from the series.

Seems like Piers may have been telling porkies.

At this point in the twitter beat down Piers seemed to back off but JK wasn’t done and hit Piers where it hurts – his ego – by reminding the Good Morning Britain host of the time she beat him in the 2006 British Book Awards.

Here’s the exchange in full…


The spat continued with Piers claiming that it doesn’t take a genius to get Harry Potter and that he’s #NeverGoigToReadYourDrivel which is hilarious because you know piers has definitely read Harry Potter.

Although to be honest I’m concerned for Piers.

He recently claimed to have never seen Star Wars as well which has us worried that Piers is about to start some weird hipster cafe in Shoreditch where he and his cronies talk about real films and books.