John Cena’s New Haircut Got A Lot Of Attention During Latest WWE Appearance

John Cena wearing capWikimedia Commons

I’m not a big wrestling fan. It just doesn’t do it for me, but I think a lot of people the world over who don’t know a thing about the choreographed dance-fest of WWE, have heard about John Cena.

If you had to describe John Cena what would you say? You can’t see the fella half the time so it makes a description tricky. John Cena aka The Prototype aka Mr. P.

It’s the franchise, boy, I’m shining now:

He’s six foot apparently, normally seen sporting a buzzcut – but of course this could all be fictitious because as everybody knows ‘You Can’t See Me’.

Unfortunately John, right now we can see you.

I’m looking at you right now and you are sporting some ‘interesting’ hair. Very Schwarzenegger.

With a full head of hair (surely that’s got to be a wig) for his ‘scrap’ against Elias and Kevin Owens, alongside Bobby Lashley, Cena’s hair caught a lot of people off guard.

Take a look at the response on Twitter below:

As you’ve probably gathered, people have very strong mixed opinions on Cena’s hair. Some thought he looked like a God of War, others, like Homer Simpson.

It’s no secret the WWE has seen some bizarre haircuts over the years, from the Ultimate Warrior to Scotty 2-Hotty, Sheamus to Ric Flair.

In what’s rumoured to be Cena’s last ever appearance for WWE Super Show-Down, was it all an intended stunt to make sure he went out with a viral hairy bang?

Posting to Twitter before the big finale, Cena wrote:

Very nervous but so grateful to return to what I’ve always considered to be my family.

@WWE @WWE Universe #WWESSD WWEAustralia 2nite U C this ‘good guy’ with a ‘bad guy’ weather machine! Let’s have some fun! [sic]

As I’m sure you all know, things turned out just right for Cena after he finished the contest, using the trademark ‘6th Move of Doom’.

Unfortunately for Cena it wasn’t his finisher which took the limelight but his mysterious and somewhat glorious hair.

In other Cena news, the actor and wrestler has been going through relationship turmoil with Nikki Bella. It’s safe to say he’s has had a bit of rough time of late. The star even said he’d go through painful surgery for her so they could have kids.

Cena said he’d be willing to have a reverse vasectomy if it meant getting Nikki back.

Speaking to Nikki on a recent episode of Total Bellas, on the E! Network, John told her:

I wanna marry you and relationship and marriage especially, is about sacrifice, and I will make that sacrifice for you. I will give you a child.

Nikki then told her former finacé: ‘But you have the…’, alluding to the fact he’s had something done to prevent him from having children.

The 16-time WWE Champion responded by saying:

I know. I physically can’t have kids. So, I’m also telling you that I’m willing to have surgery and then still go through with being a dad.

However, it seems (at the moment, anyway) that even the surgery couldn’t make it work between the pair, as Nikki broke it off just weeks before they were due to get married, back in May.

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