Judge Drops Puns While Wrapping Up Court Case

804b9fb0-1b6d-43c8-a98d-6f18d70f1282Supreme Court

You would probably imagine that being a judge is a very tiresome, frustrating, and stressful ol’ job, but not for this guy. 

Judicial commissioner, Chua Lee Ming, had a riot of a time last Friday, while dismissing a case put forward by the co-founder of the TWG Tea company, against several parties including the owner of local lifestyle company Osim.

The two companies had been trapped in a legal battle for over two years which included numerous claims, such as many counterclaims of defamation

However the Singapore judge did not seem phased by the bickering and according to Mashable, the jokester argued that the complaints between TWG and Osim had merely ‘boiled over and spilled into court’.

12531071_1595141640808433_386143501_nInstagram / TWG Tea

While finalising the court case, Chua Lee argued that the case was ‘nothing more than a very big storm in a tiny tea cup’.

One particular claim was that the previous CEO of TWG Tea had been pushed out of his job, however judge Chua concluded that he had left of his own accord, before dismissing numerous claims of defamation from all companies involved in a series of hilarious puns.

I’m not too sure he should deal with every case this way though…