Kanye West Apparently Paid A Bartender $15,000 Just To Listen To Him Talk

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Jun 2021 18:51
Kanye West Apparently Paid A Bartender $15,000 Just To Listen To Him Talk (PA Images)PA Images

A bartender has spoken up about the time Kanye West apparently paid her a jaw-dropping $15,000 just for listening to him.

Anessa Rossi, who has over 170,000 followers on TikTok, explained that she bartends at a strip club in downtown LA where she will often serve celebrities and high profile individuals.


According to Rossi, she’s previously poured drinks for various rappers, athletes and ‘people who just want to show up, chill out and do things for Instagram’. However, she’s never before or afterwards served anyone quite as famous as Kanye.

Check it out below:


Rossi told the story of Kanye’s visit, which apparently happened years ago and before he married into the Kardashian family, all while demonstrating various beauty products.


She recalled how Kanye was ‘completely different’ to the many other stars who frequented the club, revealing:

Kanye didn’t want to book a table. Kanye didn’t want to see the girls dance. He just came straight to the bar and started talking to me.

He didn’t order anything to drink. He just got water on the rocks and proceeded to tell me all of his beliefs and where where we’re descended from, and how he believed that he was a true descendant of his creator.

This conversation reportedly went on for around three to four hours and, at the end of the evening, Kanye paid Rossi handsomely for taking the time to listen to him.

Kanye West (PA Images)PA Images

Rossi said:

He told me at the end of the night, ‘thank you for your time’, gave me $15,000 and said that he felt he was called to do this and left. That’s the last time I’ve ever seen him.

Taking to the comment section, Rossi said that this was ‘probably one of the more memorable moments at the club’, adding that she has ‘no idea why he gave me so much money and he never came in again’.

Many of those in the comment section weren’t surprised by this generous gesture, with one person remarking:


Kanye def did this! He is known for being generous at the club.

Another said:

My dad used to do security for Kanye. He said he would go up to random people all the time and just talk to them.

Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 10 year anniversary (PA Images)PA Images

Although it’s unclear when exactly this encounter occurred, Rossi has apparently worked at the club for ten years, meaning it could have been any time over the past decade. It just shows that sometimes it pays to be a good listener.

Featured Image Credits: PA Images.

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