Kanye West Gets Destroyed Online For New Neck Tattoo

Kanye West Gets Destroyed Online For New Neck TattooGetty

Kanye West has been murked on Twitter, just days after reactivating it much to the delight of, well… everyone.

I don’t single person that sees a Kanye tweet on their TL and thinks ‘Ugh, not interested’. Why would you be? It’s Kanye West. The man, the myth, the legend.

But alas, he has tripped up. Not in spectacular fashion. But a trip all the same.

Check this tweet out:

OK. Nothing major. Bit of a crap tat. But look deeper. Look at the font. Recognise it? If you ever used the internet in 2006 for school graphic design lessons, you probably scoured dafont.com like you now scour non-graphics related websites.

As it happens, this tattoo, ‘designed’ by one of the rapper’s friends, is actually just a dafont font available to anyone, multi-millionaire or not.

Despite vowing to never to return to Twitter – which has got him into trouble more than once, not that he probably cares – The College Dropout decided to make a brief, albeit memorable, return.

This time around, he decided to call out sportswear giants Nike for supposedly copying one of his sneaker designs – trainers if you insist on being British about the whole thing.

Taking to Twitter, before quickly deleting the post and deactivating his account (again), West called out Nike after they released images of their newly revamped Air Monarchs, which’ll be dropping April 19.

The rapper, who’s a noted fashionista, posted a picture of the sneaker, dubbed the Nike M2K Techno, with the caption ‘Yeezy 700 vibes’, followed by the facepalm and laughing emojis.

While it’s hard to disseminate what Ye’s thinking, it appears he’s calling out the international sports brand for ‘taxing’ his Adidas Yeezy 700 silhouette.

The relationship between the iconic rapper, Nike and Adidas is a storied one, riddled with politics, alleged corporate espionage, cloak-and-dagger recruitment and outright pettiness. Before Kanye West became part of the three-stripes family he was very much in bed with Nike.

He released two sets of sneakers with the iconic brand, the Yeezy 1 and 2s. Unfortunately, West grew frustrated with Nike – the relationship soured and he jumped over to their rivals.

Since his involvement with Adidas, their relationship has been fruitful, as his collection of sneakers and clothing has sold out in stores across the globe.

It could be argued there’s a similarity between the Yeezy 700’s and Nike’s new-look Air Monarchs (popularly known in the community as the ultimate dad-sneaker), but it appears Ye is forgetting his sneaker history.

Recently, West has teased hip-hop fans with hints he might be working on a new album and if true, it’ll be a follow up to the critically acclaimed The Life of Pablo, which was released in 2016.

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