Kanye West Just Ditched An Uber To Do The Unthinkable With Paparazzi


We all know Kanye’s history with photographers is a sketchy one. He’s attacked them numerous times both verbally and physically. He doesn’t like them, they don’t like him.

However, last night was a little different, and in a year where he’s already gone from a complete non-tweeter to the loudest mouth on social media, he’s also found time to put his differences aside with the very paps he hates.

On his way out of a gym in LA, he found himself in the presence of a group of paparazzi waiting to snap him, but instead of the usual aggression, he actually decided to hitch a ride with one of them.


Complex Music reports:

Ye talked with the paparazzi driver about past scuffles with them, and seemed to be in a genuinely good mood. He only asked the backseat pap to turn the camera off when he is about to make a personal call.

The driver dropped him off at a location in Santa Monica where he greeted a friend who burst out laughing when he realized ‘Ye’s mode of transportation. Before the rapper walked away, the paparazzi asked ‘Ye if he had a parting message for his fans. “I love you. Let’s make the world a better place.”

And now, the convenience of the situation was so appealing, West is planning to completely ditch Uber in favour of using this exact mode of transportation in future. Mental.