Kanye West Shocks Entire Arena With Latest Controversial Views


Kanye West pissed off a lot of his fans last night when he announced on stage, that first of all he didn’t vote, but if he had, he would have voted for Donald Trump.

The self-proclaimed ‘greatest living rockstar on the planet’ revealed his allegience to the President-elect between songs at a gig in San Jose for the Saint Pablo Tour.

Maybe the late endorsement is part of his presidential plan after his announcement that he will stand as a candidate in 2020.

His wife Kim Kardashian was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton…

…I wonder what he’s thinking as he lurks behind Mrs Clinton.

In a political speech during his gig, Yeezy said:

I told you I didn’t vote. But if I voted, I would have voted on Trump.

He then went on to say that it didn’t mean he was against women’s rights, gay rights, or the black lives matter movement, but encouraged black people to ‘stop focusing on racism’.


His fans booed at him and many people started to leave the arena, before letting their anger loose on Twitter:

He always has enjoyed a bit of contention…

Oh shit, this is serious…

Even his fans know this is a bad idea…

This is a pretty racist statement – ‘I hope they get rid of them all’

People started leaving the concert…

Strong words…

God forbid he actually does run for President, kissing the arse of the new leader is probably quite a tactical move.

To be honest, Kanye West didn’t vote so he really has no say in the election or the democracy that he apparently wants to be part of.

You too cool to go down to the polling station Yeezy?