Karen And Karen 2.0 Kicked Off Flight After Causing A Scene

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Aug 2021 16:02
Karen And Karen 2.0 Kicked Off Flight After Causing A Scene@official_norcal_mom/TikTok

A mother-daughter duo – dubbed ‘Karen and Karen 2.0’ – have been chucked off a plane after causing a ruckus.

The chaotic scene unfolded during a flight from Sacramento to San Diego, which had already been delayed by two hours.


According to @official_norcal_mom, the TikTok user who recorded and shared the footage, the two Karens had boarded the flight ‘right before the doors closed’, and began demanding their fellow passengers move so they could get the aisle seats.

Karens on a plane (official_norcal_mom/TikTok)official_norcal_mom/TikTok

Southwest airlines operates on a first-come, first-serve policy, meaning the two Karens – who had made the flight just in the nick of time – didn’t get their preferred seats.

Most passengers in this position would have just been happy to get any seat at all. However, these Karens became incensed by the seating situation, proceeding to take their frustrations out on their fellow travellers.


As per @official_norcal_mom, ‘Karen and Karen 2.0 thought everyone should move so they could have an aisle seat’. The flight attendant then ‘politely told them’ they weren’t allowed to request that a packed plane full of people switch seats.

However, the Karens failed to see reason, and footage shows them arguing back to the admirably patient flight attendant, who told them, ‘we have families, we have little kids, we can’t have people yelling’.

You can check it out for yourself below:


Feeling that the other passengers weren’t safe with the two rogue Karens onboard – who caused the plane to be delayed by yet another hour – the flight attendant had them removed from the flight altogether.

According to @official_norcal_mom, ‘the whole plane applauded when they were removed’, and understandably so.

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