‘Karma Is A B*tch’ Challenge Is Latest Ridiculous Viral Trend

Matthew Lush/YouTube

Every week a new challenge goes viral online with each one being more ridiculous than the previous.

Who could forget the likes of the cinnamon challenge, innuendo bingo, try not to laugh and most recently the Tide Pod challenge which is perhaps the most dangerous one yet.

Let me introduce you to the ‘karma is a b*tch’ challenge…

The latest trend thankfully isn’t hazardous but it is just as nonsensical, silly and completely cringeworthy.

We have all wanted to appear at a party with our outfit and look being on fire ensuring all of our exes and bullies are left stunned by how incredible we look.

Well, this new viral trend is essentially that in meme form and it is taking over the internet.

Basically the challenge involves staring into the camera before saying ‘karma is a b*tch’ and throwing either a sheet or scarf over your face concealing it.

Once you let the fabric drop you reveal your most glamorous self with on fleek hair, make-up and outfit.

Currently the trend is massive in China but due to the simplicity and fun nature of the challenge we don’t think it will be long until it makes its way across the world.

In the videos the song Gucci Gucci by American rapper Kreayshawn is normally playing in the background particularly the lyrics ‘gnarly, radical, on the block I’m magical’.

The line ‘karma is a b*tch’ itself is normally lip-synced to Veronica Lodge uttering the quote in hit show Riverdale.

It is all pretty laughable and absurd but to be honest it is better the kids stick to this rather than the high-risk Tide Pod challenge.


For those of you who have been living under a rock the past month, the Tide Pod challenge is a stupid trend in which people online dare each other to eat soap which is designed for washing your clothes for no particular reason.

In the first two weeks of January alone, there were 39 cases of teens biting into the laundry detergent pods, as opposed to 53 cases throughout the whole of 2017.

Scarily the week after there were a total of 86 cases reported for 13 to 19 year-olds.

Stephen Kaminstki, CEO for the American Association of Poison Control Centres, said:

Since our first alert to this life-threatening activity, the trend of intentionally ingesting single-load laundry packets has increased in its popularity despite repeated warnings.

We cannot stress enough how dangerous this is to the health of individuals – it can lead to seizure, pulmonary edema, respiratory arrest, coma, and even death.

There has been a massive moral panic about the trend with YouTube being very quick to pull down any videos of people trying to get on the hype.

Just kidding. Do not do that. #ElArroyoATX #ElArroyoSign

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In case it hasn’t been made clear, do not eat Tide Pods as they are poisonous.

Maybe stick to the ‘karma is a b*tch challenge’ instead as at least they can’t potentially damage your health.