Kelsey Grammer Got Brutal Tattoo On Crotch To Make Sure He Wouldn’t Cheat

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Actor Kelsey Grammer got a tattoo on his crotch to make sure he wouldn’t cheat. 

Personally, I’m not sure the kind of person who needs to get a tattoo in order to remind themself of something is someone who can entirely be relied upon, but hey, this man was Frasier Crane and welcome to prove me wrong.

The American actor and comedian is best known for his roles in Cheers and Frasier, but in the future he’ll probably also be remembered for this ridiculous but still enjoyable story.

Check out Kelsey talking about his tattoo here:

63-year-old Kelsey married his wife Kayte in 2011, after cheating on and leaving his third wife Camille Grammer, who he’d been married to for 13 years.

The breakup appeared to be quite messy – which I can imagine, given that the father of Camille’s children and husband of 13 years cheated on her.

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Recently, as reported by The Cut, Kelsey’s ex-wife tweeted about the actor, revealing that he acts like the couple were never together.

She wrote:

I don’t begrudge him his happiness. What’s unnerving is that fact I was there to help him get through some of his hardships and supported his career and his sobriety.

I was rt by his side and he acts like I never existed that’s disappointing. We were together through his success.

Kelsey went on to marry Kayte, and has since done something that he’ll no doubt regret if he ever ends up with a fifth wife – he got her name tattooed on his flesh.

Admittedly, there are many people in the world who have their partner’s name tattooed on them, but usually out of a wish to show their dedication, not remind them of their partner’s existence.

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The permanence of a tattoo can reflect the permanence of the couple’s love for one another, showing dedication and sincerity to their other half.

Grammer, however, has taken this gesture to a whole new level, and at the same time given it a whole new meaning.

The sitcom star has had his wife’s name tattooed – on his crotch. He had it to make sure he never cheats on his wife.

I don’t even want to think about how painful that was.

Appearing on the US TV show Conan, Kelsey spoke about the reasoning behind his tattoo, and confirmed that it was indeed in the ‘pubic region’.

He said:

If ever, I maybe thought a peccadillo outside the marriage was a good idea, that whoever might be… you know… would read that this particular piece of equipment was already signed.

The 63-year-old added that his wife had actually encouraged him to get the work done, and implied it would mean that whoever was trying to reach that base would see that it was already taken, meaning he couldn’t cheat.

I’m not entirely convinced that if the star was in the process of cheating and got to the point where the tattoo was revealed that he would suddenly stop what he was doing, but if he says it will work, then good for him, I suppose!

You just do you, Kelsey.

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