Kendall Jenner’s New Bum Tattoo Has Seriously Confused Her Fans


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Get ready to pick your jaw off the floor because Kendall Jenner seems to have gotten a tattoo on her bottom.

We’ll give you some time to collect yourself… managed to get over the shock? Good then we’ll continue because we’re about to blow this story wide open.

The young model and alleged ‘fashion icon’ has only gone and tattooed a snake on her arse for the latest cover of V Magazine.

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If you’re worried about a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan actually doing something that could be thought of as interesting then we’ve got crushing news for you.

The tattoo is about as real as the Kardashian’s reality TV programme and is in fact part of a series of snaps the magazine shot in which different models got fake tattoos.

The other models featured in the spread are Amber Valletta, Carolyn Murphy, Joan Smalls, Lara Stone, Lily Aldridge and Ellen Rosa who all got tattoos on different parts of their body.

Lily for V Magazine January 2017 by @mariotestino ? || #lilyaldridge #vmagazine

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But judging by a number of her Instagram followers’ reactions to Kendall’s shoot, a fair few of them didn’t quite understand the nature of her latest ‘ink’ with many people thinking it was permanent.

Although one witty person did comment:

Snake could be more real looking since they did such an amazing time airbrushing and photoshopping you.

This isn’t Kendall’s first dalliance with ink though…

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Meanwhile younger sister Kylie has a myriad of crappy tattoos…


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grandmothers name in my grandfathers handwriting

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Khloé also famously used to have the word ‘Daddy’ on her back but she had it removed sixteen months ago.

We can’t imagine why…