Kickboxer Channels Spirit Of Neo With This Incredible ‘Matrix’ Move

Twitter/Dana White

As president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White is no stranger to seeing some pretty brutal moves…

White has witnessed a host of impressive stoppages, so it takes something special to really grab his attention.

However, this particular combo sent him into a frenzy on Twitter…

Twitter/Dana White

The crazy clip shows an spectacular dodge from Rafael Fiziev, a Muay Thai practitioner from Kyrgyzstan, who appears to completely defy physics.

His opponent, Sorgraw Petchyindee aimed a vicious roundhouse kick, which was supposed to land straight into the face of Fiziev.

But instead, the super-quick Fiziev somehow managed to bend backwards and completely dodge the fierce advances of Petchyindee.

Fiziev proved his reflexes are off the chart with instinct taking over in double-quick time.

So impressive was the phenomenal ‘matrix’ move White declared it as the ‘craziest shit I’ve ever seen!!!!’

Twitter/Dana White

Pretty high praise coming from a guy who’s seen a lot of crazy shit.

Now that Fiziev’s on the UFC president’s radar, it looks like he could be set for even bigger things…