Kickboxer Knocks Opponent Through Wall With Single Punch

The Pain Factory/YouTube

Whether you’re a fan of boxing, UFC or even Ice Hockey, I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty devastating blows.

Even the films Kickboxer and Street Fighter bring back some awesome memories – yes I know it’s not real but still…

However, I can’t recall seeing anyone get punched so hard they go through a wall – in real life of course. Well this poor guy literally does just that – goes straight through the wall – and I’m not talking about WWE style fighting.


It all started when an American kickboxer was attempting to film a training video – demonstrating and talking about technique whilst in the gym.

Yet it’s what gets caught on film in the background that makes this video so entertaining.

You’ve gotta feel for the guy getting pulled up from the debris!

Not only has he just been put through a wall in front of a crowd of people, it’s been caught on film.

Maybe we’ll see some awesome blows when McGregor takes on Mayweather next month


I guess the moral of the story is,…errrrm,…..errrrrr, maybe don’t train near walls?!