Kid Hides From Police In Bin ‘Full Of Diapers’ For 30 Minutes

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Jul 2019 16:16
Zach Pierce/YouTube

Footage has gone viral which shows an extremely cheeky kid jumping into a bin ‘full of diapers’ in a bid to outsmart a police officer.


In CCTV footage which honestly wouldn’t look out of place in a cartoon, the unnamed Bart Simpson type can be seen rushing across a residential driveway before leaping into a bin, quick as a cat.

A few moments later, a police officer can be seen heading straight past the bins, looking this way and that on the seemingly quiet street as he looks for the kid who clearly caught police attention. He never thinks to look inside the bins, where the kid apparently waited for a full 30 minutes.

Zach Pierce/YouTube

Now, hiding anywhere for half an hour as a kid is a big ask, as those who were terrible gigglers during hide and seek will no doubt recall.


However, this is a stinky trash can filled with all sorts. Not exactly anyone’s first choice for a sneaky hideaway.

Showing commitment and a supernaturally strong nose, the young rapscallion makes a run for it after thirty full minutes have elapsed; clambering out of the trash and dashing off down the street.

You can watch the entire crime caper unfold for yourself below:

The shenanigans were captured by a bloke by the name of Zach Pierce, via – impressively high quality – CCTV footage.

Zach shared the vid on YouTube, with the following icky description:

Kid hides in garbage can (that reeks by the way) for 30 minutes!

Elaborating on how gross, hot and stinky this bin is on Reddit, Zach revealed:


It was also full of poopy baby diapers and cat litter that was scooped. It smells horrific and that’s a understatement.

He offered further detail, particularly pertaining to the stench the kid willingly endured:

I just wanted to add, it was 90° and the garbage was full. Also had baby diapers and cat litter. It literally smells of cat piss and baby poop. I don’t know how he made it for 30 minutes in there.

Also I had a few people saying no way it was 30 minutes. But, look at the shadows from the sun in-between edits. It’s was roughly 30 mins.

Zach Pierce/YouTube

Commenters have been left creased up with laughter at the antics of this mischievous ‘American Aladdin’; showing particular affection for the way he swaggers off into the literal sunset.

One person joked:

This is the start of a coming of age 80s movie with a flawed yet lovable protagonist.

Another said:

He got in and out of that can so smoothly. If I had done it I would have knocked all the other cans over and ended up inside head first.

Zach Pierce/YouTube

It’s unclear exactly what the kid did, or what happened next. However, in the Reddit comment section, Zach remarked that police caught up to him about an hour later. So, very much an abbreviated version of Catch Me If You Can


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