Kid’s Hilariously Disappointed Reaction To Surprise Bedroom Makeover Goes Viral

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 13 Oct 2020 11:02
Kid's Hilariously Disappointed Reaction To Surprise Bedroom Makeover Goes Viral@eric.lynner/TikTok

Most kids would be overjoyed to find their parents had redecorated their bedroom, but this boy was far from excited.

The young boy’s dad Eric Lynner shared his son’s reaction to his new room on TikTok yesterday, October 12, and in just a day hundreds of thousands of people have seen and shared it.


Captioning  the video, Eric wrote, ‘when you surprise your son with his new paint job in his room…… his reaction was not what we expected’. He’s not the only one.

In the clip, you see the boy slowly walk into his brand new bedroom with bright green walls and as, while you’d expect him to be jumping for joy, his face completely drops.

Watch it for yourself here:


Throwing his stuffed toy on his bed, he says to the empty room, ‘Well that was rude… you painted without me’, and sounds as if the poor soul is about to cry.


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People were quick to comment on the boy’s reaction and how heart-breaking it was. One person wrote, ‘The way his voice broken when he said ‘you painted without me’. Eric replied with, ‘yep, that was tough.’

Someone else said, ‘The fact he would rather help out than be surprised is so heartwarming. You’ve raised a gem’.


However, Eric told his fellow TikTokers why his son was really upset.

Eric explained, ‘After the first initial meltdown he was great, he was more upset that he thought his sister helped once we explained she wasn’t home he was fine.’ Classic sibling rivalry.

Someone else commented on how they related to how the boy felt. They wrote, ‘I had the exact same reaction when I was younger, I had wanted to paint the room with my mom because I thought it would be fun. Cried for hours’.


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Eric Lynner/TikTok
  1. Eric Lynner/TikTok