Kids ‘Humiliated And Left In Pain’ By Parents For ‘YouTube Fame’

Toy Freaks / YouTube

A mum and dad have been accused of ‘exploiting’ their children after YouTube videos have emerged of them filming their kids in discomfort and pain.

Some of the uploads appear to show children in visible distress, being sick or in general pain.

Parents post the videos on the popular site and then make money from the ad revenue.

In one truly disturbing video, a father follows his daughter into the bathroom after she’s lost a tooth, filming a close up of her bleeding mouth.

Toy Freaks / YouTube

It racked up a monumental 160 million views prior to being taken down for violating YouTube’s policies.

In another video, the father breaks into the bathroom and places a small smake into the bathtub where his two girls are bathing.

Perhaps the most depraved features two young boys eating foul flavoured jelly beans which make them physically ill.

Toy Freaks / YouTube

One of the boys can be seen vomiting on the table.

A spokesman for the NSPCC told The Sun:

It’s unacceptable if children are being exploited for likes and shares on YouTube and we are not surprised that people are disturbed by what these videos appear to show.

We would urge anyone concerned about a child in these videos to report it to YouTube rather than comment or share and we would expect YouTube to act urgently to remove videos where children are being harmed.


A spokesperson for YouTube said:

We take safety on YouTube extremely seriously and encourage users to upload family-safe content.

We also have clear policies against bullying, harassment and child endangerment and act quickly to remove flagged content that violates our policies.

We also work closely with organisations like the NSPCC that are dedicated to protecting young people and provide resource for parents on how to navigate YouTube in our Safety Centre.

Toy Freaks / YouTube

They added:

We take child safety extremely seriously and have clear policies against child endangerment.

We recently tightened the enforcement of these policies to tackle content featuring minors where we receive signals that cause concern.

It’s not always clear that the uploader of the content intends to break our rules, but we may still remove their videos to help protect viewers, uploaders and children.

We’ve terminated the Toy Freaks channel for violation of our policies. We will be conducting a broader review of associated content in conjunction with expert Trusted Flaggers.

Let’s hope this trend becomes extinct as soon as possible!