Kim Kardashian Calls Out Kanye West For Sharing Private Photos


We’re all used to peeking into the life of Kim Kardashian West, whose reality TV empire and extensive social media presence infiltrates every aspect of modern popular culture.

However, the influential socialite and businesswomen has her limits just like the rest of us.

And whats more, she isn’t afraid to give her husband Kanye West a stern ticking off if she needs to…

Party of 5

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As we all surely know by now, Kanye is back on Twitter; keeping us abreast of his every waking thought and musing.

For example, in the past two hours I have learned how Kanye doesn’t ‘agree 100% with anyone but myself.’ I have also learned how Kanye is ‘nice at ping pong.’

Now, for most of us, Kanye’s prolific return has enlivened our Twitter feeds no end; entertaining and confusing us in equal doses.

However – as many of us know – having your other half on Twitter is a recipe for annoyance. Especially when they start to tweet pictures of your home willy nilly without consulting you first.

Tweeting to his 18.5 million followers, the 40-year-old rapper shared pictures of their palatial family home comparing it to the ‘sunken place’ from horror film Get Out.

With a crying laughing face emoji, Kanye asked his fans:

Do this look like the sunken place

He then added:

More tweets from the sunken place

The pictures showed wide, stark white corridors and rooms, furnished sparsely with matching furniture and statues.

The whole vibe is very seaside fortress from Game of Thrones; certainly not the sort of home renovation pics you are used to seeing your mates share on Facebook.

However, even though Kanye appeared to amuse himself with the photographs, this over sharing got him into a spot of bother with the missus.

You see, the world famous couple had a strict ban on giving fans a glimpse of their home interior. Oops.

Re-tweeting the first post, Kim jokingly scolded her husband:

Ummm babe. We had a rule to not show our home on social media! Soooo can we now allow KUWTK filming in the home?

Luckily, Kim seemed to find this slip highly amusing which means Kanye probably won’t be forced to sleep on their white marble couch.

This isn’t the first time Kim has teased her opinionated husband over his unusual, often philosophical tweets.

Just last week, Kanye tweeted:

Sometimes you have to get rid of everything.

In mock horror, Kim replied:


This led to an amusing Twitter exchange between Kim and Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy humorously offered:

I have an air mattress here and I have been itching to bust it out if you need

Kim responded:

Might need some more for the kids?

Just not clear on what everything really means. I need clarity. Thanks for being such a good friend. Maybe John can call and inquire? But maybe he means friends, too? This is confusing.

Chrissy laughed:

You’re right. We are all screwed,

I still have the bouncy house from Saturday!! It’s a bed and a house in one.

It’s nice to know Kimye have the same banter and bickering as regular non mansion dwelling couples. Welcome back to the Twittersphere Kanye, you have been missed!

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