Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North’s TikTok Comments Section Has Followers In Stitches

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Kim Kardashian's Daughter North's TikTok Comments Section Has Followers In StitchesAlamy/@kimandnorth/TikTok

Comments on Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West’s TikTok account have left internet users in fits of giggles. 

The poor eight-year-old may have just wanted to use the platform to dance, sing and share an insight into her privileged life, but other TikTokers clearly had some very different ideas.


Hounding the comments section with questions about Kim and other hilarious requests, the TikTok account, which boasts 1.7 million followers and 9.9 million likes, got a bit more than it bargained for.

Flooding the comments section of many of the eight-year-old’s videos, fellow TikTokers were hilariously honest about exactly what they wanted to see in the next post.

If you wanted to ask North a question, what would it be? For many followers of the young Kardashian’s account, the common themes centred around money, and even Kim’s relationship status, such as, ‘North babe! Was there an awkward hunched over tall white man at thanksgiving this year? Tell us yes or no.’


With many alluding to just how privileged the Kardashians’ lives are, it wasn’t a surprise to see so many comments asking for items such as ‘mummy’s credit card’, or asking if North knew ‘how to write a check’.

Another bizarre request featured users asking to be sent ‘a rock’, because as one noted, ‘That rock gonna be worth more than my life.’

@abdellla@kimandnorth pls never turn your comments off♬ original sound – abdella


Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North West Joins TikTok

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A fellow TikToker’s reaction to the comments section has amassed more than one million views, 200,000 likes and 1,000 comments, with users flooding to the video in equal hysterics. One said, ‘These people have no chill.’

Another wrote: 

I love North! She will def be the one spilling the tea when she’s older.

A third commented, ‘North mail us rocks LMFAO.’


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    north west has a tiktok page and the comments are killing me

  2. @abdella/ TikTok

    @kimandnorth pls never turn your comments off