Kim Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Ad Causes Huge Backlash

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Jun 2018 20:34
Kim Kardashian Bonjesta ad@kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian-West can sell products more effectively than a team of stressed-out marketing graduates ever could.

With one smouldering glance at the camera, the glamorous reality star can send lipsticks and fragrances flying effortlessly from beauty shop shelves.


However, some fans haven’t been too keen on her latest advertisement, and have even expressed concern…

Posting a picture of herself holding a bottle of morning sickness medication close to her perfectly contoured face, Kim wrote:

Nothing ever stopped me from being me until #morningsickness. You know how sick I was while pregnant; I could barely get out of bed.

That was before I found a safe & effective med to treat my morning sickness when diet & lifestyle changes didn’t help. I hear there’s a new formulation of the drug combination I took that’s made to work faster & longer.

If you’re pregnant & feeling sick & changing your diet & lifestyle doesn’t work, ask your doctor about Bonjesta®


The glossy-haired 37-year-old television personality then proceeded to give the following detailed safety information:

Don’t take Bonjesta® if you’re allergic to doxylamine succinate, other ethanolamine derivative antihistamines, pyridoxine hydrochloride or any ingredients in Bonjesta®.

Please see Patient Information leaflet for complete list of ingredients. Don’t take Bonjesta® in combination with medicines called MAOIs, as these medicines can intensify & prolong adverse central nervous system (CNS) effects of Bonjesta®.

Please ask your healthcare provider/pharmacist if you aren’t sure if you take an MAOI.
The most common side effect of Bonjesta® is drowsiness.

Don’t drive, operate heavy machinery or do other activities that need your full attention unless your healthcare provider says you can.

Don’t drink alcohol, or take other CNS depressants such as cough & cold medicines, certain pain medicines & medicines that help you sleep while taking Bonjesta®.

Severe drowsiness can happen or become worse causing falls/accidents.

Bonjesta® may result in false positive urine drug screening for methadone, opiates and PCP.


Some branded Kim as a ‘liar,’ saying she’d not personally taken Bonjesta® and so wasn’t in a position to recommend it to other women.

Others implied the medically-untrained businesswoman was irresponsible for promoting drugs over social media.

One person scoffed:

Kimberly you have not been pregnant for years, nor will ever be because well you can’t.

So stop advising women to take something you personally haven’t taken yourself. Stick to your cheap contour sticks.


Another said:

Ok and watch when the commercial comes on in five years talking about ‘if you or a loved one took so and so you might be entitled to financial compensation.’

It’s not safe to take medication while pregnant. Period.

Kim's latest ad has sparked anger.@kimkardashian/Instagram

However, other fans rushed to her defence, with one person commenting:


I mean, she promotes this very professional, can’t hate it. She clearly says, that you should ask your doctor first. [sic]

Another reasoned:

I would prefer my doctor to tell me what meds to use. But it’s her choice what she wishes to promote, I’m not judging her.

Its just a strange consumer experience for me personally. I come from South Africa and medicine advertising isn’t big.

Kim's latest ad has sparked anger.@kimkardashian/Instagram

Do you think Kim should be promoting pharmaceutical medication through her Instagram page, or should she stick to beauty products going forward?

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