KSI Destroys Joe Weller In Boxing Match


I bet there are more than a few people who would love to knock out some of the more popular YouTubers.

But sadly, that privilege is reserved for only those YouTubers themselves, but at least we get to watch.

In a grudge match which has been a long time coming, online stars KSI and Joe Weller finally came to blows to settle their differences at the Olympic Park in London.

KSI and Weller have 21.6 million YouTubers between them, and their personalities are a source of fun for many, but only one could be the winner tonight.

The battle has been coming for some time, with the pair exchanging YouTube diss tracks and tweeting about each other.

Their rivalry reached a peak in September last year when they clashed on stage at the Upload event with chants of ‘fight, fight, fight’.

Check out the fight through this link:

It is thought the fight tonight was streamed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube, and will likely be watched millions more times.

At the end of the fight, you can see Weller visibly starting to slow down, but KSI doesn’t stop laying the hits.

It’s not a KO, but it was definitely a strong win, and has put to be the rivalry once and for all, until they’re desperate for attention again.

At the beginning of the fight, KSI was instantly on the front foot, and Weller didn’t get a punch in for 30 seconds.

KSI reportedly has a larger reach, and is taller than Weller which naturally put him on the defensive.

He was, however, at one point able to pin KSI against the tops before KSI landed a swift uppercut to diffuse the situation.

After the fight KSI said:

I walked the walk, and I talked the talked motherf*cker.

Joe, you’re way tougher than I thought. Respect for getting into the ring and giving me a tough battle.

Fair play to KSI, he actually stepped up. But do you reckon you’d back yourself in a fight against either of the YouTubers?