‘Kylie Jenner Does Stuff’ Is Easily The Worlds Funniest Instagram Account


Personally, I couldn’t give less of a shit about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and never really got the fascination with the family. But one LA-based comedian’s managed to get my attention with this brilliant Instagram account…

Ben Siemon has set up the account, @kyliejennerdoestuff, which lets us all in on the secret life of Kylie Jenner (kind of). Ben uses Photoshop to edit Kylie’s Instagram photos and replace them with things that make fuck all sense, but are pretty funny nonetheless.

Check out a few of the  hilarious photos and their original captions below.

Cool pic of @kyliejenner and @krisjenner investigating paranormal activity.

jenner 1Benjamin Siemon

Cool pic of @kyliejenner trying to detect ghosts in her home.

jenner 2Benjamin Siemon

A cool pic of @kyliejenner cleaning out her ears.

jenner 3Benjamin Siemon

Cool pic of @kyliejenner ripping out the hearts of her enemies.

Jenner 4Benjamin Siemon

Cool pic of @kyliejenner giving an elderly woman a sponge bath.

Jenner 5Benjamin Siemon

Cool pic of @kyliejenner graduating from Harvard Business school.

Jenner 6Benjamin Siemon