Kylie Jenner Fires Back At Haters Following Latest Surgery Debate

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jan 2017 18:35

Once again, a Kardashian inquisition (not as extreme as the Spanish one) has been sparked on Instagram over Kylie’s female anatomy.


While enjoying a romantic selfie-filled holiday in Costa Rica, the professional ‘identity’ posted some photos of herself which fanned the flames of the relentless boob job fire, reports the Daily Mirror.

Naysayers have claimed Kylie has undergone a range of surgeries, from a nose job to breast augmentation, butt implants and even jaw reconstruction.


The most recent excuse to knock her appearance comes in the form of photos of her in a low cut white dress and a skimpy black bikini.


One fan commented:

Omg. So unfair how hot she is. Ok, look at her page from the Christina Aguilera costume and then to the sports bra pics after. Def had a boob job (sic).

Another commenter agreed ‘She definitely has had boob job done’, while a third person took a leap onto the bandwagon saying ‘As much as i love this girl.. she has definitely had work done.’

…interesting use of the word ‘definitely’.

Suddenly social commenters have become cosmetic surgery experts, forcing the self-proclaimed baby boss to defend her corner, writing on her website:

No, people – I haven’t gotten breast implants! Everyone is obsessed with that.

Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed.

I’ve definitely filled out.


It’s undeniable that Kylie’s body has visibly changed in the past few years.

But when you consider the fact she’s been in the public eye since pre-puberty, that’s hardly surprising to anyone who has the first clue about growing up into womanhood.

Even if Kylie had a boob job and then denied it because she feels like preserving her privacy, that’s totally allowed.

As the CEO of a cosmetics company, her appearance is a huge selling point, and if she wanted to enhance it, funnily enough it’s her body, her choice.

Perhaps we should be questioning her career’s impact on superficial mindsets and beauty standards rather than her looks…just an idea.

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    Kylie Jenner sparks secret boob job rumours with low-cut dress in Costa Rica