Kylie Jenner Is Wearing An Engagement Ring

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 03 May 2019 12:50
kylie jenner engagement ringkylie jenner engagement ringkyliejenner/Instagram

Just when we thought we had enough distractions, mostly thanks to recent films and television shows, Kylie Jenner pops up to remind us that celebrities need attention too.


So we’re back, flying in fast with some top Jenner/Kardashian goss. Open wide folks, I know you’re hungry, and this time it’s a big one.

The 21-year-old took to social media, naturally, to share a cute video of herself with the iconic puppy ears and nose filter, complaining about how sick (as a dog) she felt.

However, being the sensitive folk they are, followers were quick to dismiss her illness, and instead noticed the giant rock on her ring finger.


Kylie and her partner, Travis Scott, are well known for being fairly secretive (as far as they can be, anyway) when it comes to their family life. For a while now, they’ve also both called each other ‘wifey’ and ‘husband’, though they’ve never officially tied the knot, as far as we’re aware.

Kylie has also trolled people in the past by wearing rings on her ring finger. The girl’s got jewellery, what can I say.

However, as the video shows, she’s fairly dressed down compared the usual glam looks we’ve become accustomed to. That is, however, until we see the light bouncing off the massive rock around her finger.

She could be trolling again, but the video – accompanied by other recent Instagram posts – seem like she’s dropping some major hints the pair are engaged.


The couple also just celebrated Travis’ birthday, with Kylie calling him: ‘my real life bestie & hubby all wrapped into one.’

She also added: ‘let’s fuck around and have another baby.’ Considering she kept her pregnancy secret for pretty much nine months, it wouldn’t be surprising if the couple had got married and have a second kid on the way already. But we”ll see…

Check it out:


Kylie has posted photos hinting at the pair’s engagement, or even marriage before, but this time around seems like the strongest hint yet, while some fans also speculated that she’s already pregnant, as it could be morning sickness she’s complaining off…

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