Labrador Munches Through Couple’s Wedding Cake Hours Before Ceremony


A peckish labrador tore his way through a happy couple’s three-tier wedding cake just hours prior to their wedding. 

Scott Willis and Jackie Walker had attempted to safe-house the elaborate cake at a bridesmaid’s sister’s place. Alas, two-yea-old Bella had her way with the thing.

Bridesmaid Gemma Evans drove Jackie to her sister Donna McMahon’s house on the morning of the big day to collect the cake.

It was to be taken to Hedworth Hall but barely made it out of Donna’s home.  The sneaky hound had sunk his gnashers into the thing.

Gemma, 32, said:

When I got there Donna’s face had dropped and I honestly rhoguht they ahd called off the wedding.

We walked through to the kitchen and Bella had ruined the cake. Donna stated crying and we just didn’t now what to do.

It turned out Donna’s husband Liam had let the dog out at night but forgo to close her cage. It was all his fault.

Frantically trying to keep spirits up, Gemma and Donna reached out to various cake shops to find a replacement.

Gemma added: 

I felt like i was telling people to that my dog had ate my homework.

We were just hoping we could find something and even thought we might have to do to Asda to see what we could find.

We decided the best thing was not to tell them and hope we could somehow replace it in time.

By the grace of God, DH9 Cafe in Stanley salvaged what was turning about to be a less-than perfect wedding day by knocking up another £150 (fucking hell) cake in under three hours, which Liam later delivered to the venue.

All’s well that ends well, ey.