Lad Creates Possibly The Most Logical Online Petition Ever

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It is nigh on impossible to log onto social media these days without someone asking you to sign one petition or another, but this lad may have the answer.

Fed up with seeing countless online petitions he deemed ‘deluded’ and ‘barking’, Twitter user @twlldun has set up a petition all of his own.

Addressed to Prime Minister David Cameron, and leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, the petition is calling on leaders to put a stop to pointless petitions.

@twlldun has certainly garnered support, with numerous people commenting to add their two cents to the debate.

There certainly are a fair few petitions out there which would raise a few eyebrows should they ever receive enough signatures for parliament to consider a debate, although the UK can’t take credit for all of these stellar examples of online activism.

There have been recent calls to immortalise Lemmy from Motorhead with his own chemical element, a petition demanding the world respect Donald Trump, and who could forget the plight of Arsenal fans who wish Mike Dean to be banned from refereeing any of their future matches.

Despite often inducing a giggle, this guy has hit the nail on the head as to why there should perhaps be some element of quality control with regards to petitions.

Couldn’t say it better really.

But then again, we live in a free country where everyone has the right to voice their opinion in keeping with the law. If they have a stupid cause then they won’t get signatures and no harm done, right?