Lad Inserts Himself Into Stock Photos And Makes Them Hilarious



Imgur user DovahFerret posted an album of altered stock photos with some dude added into the mix. I don’t know if that dude is DovahFerret or not, but either way, I love these. 

I have done a bit of work sourcing the odd stock photo and trawling through sites for the right one is always tedious.

Stock photos are always incredibly awkward and unnatural. It baffles me as to how corporations think they’re useful, natural, and enhance a brand. Anyway, enough hatin’ and shitting on professional photographers and models from me.

This bloke hasn’t made the photos any less painful to look at, but he sure as hell has made them funny, and that is a sensational thing.

stock12 stock11 stock10 stock9 stock8 stock7 stock6 stock5 stock4 stock3

stock2 copy

Sensational work!