Lana Del Rey Tweets Witchcraft Instructions To Get Rid Of Donald Trump


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Lana Del Ray is the queen of sultry and slightly bizarre behaviour, but her recent tweet was just downright strange, even for her…

The Born To Die singer apparently has an unconventional or even supernatural ploy to tip President Donald Trump off his pedestal.

The popstar tweeted an ominous message with a string of dates and references to ingredients online last night.

Honeymoon Tomorrow ??

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Her tweet read:

At the stroke of midnight… Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23…Ingredients can b found online.

How mysterious.

Slightly unnervingly, other people have commented suggesting these dates are to do with the shape of the moon, which can apparently only be linked to one thing. Witchcraft.

According to these believers, these dates are meant to be a time when ‘stress’ and ‘negative energy’ can be removed from your life…

To cement the truth behind Lana’s puzzling tweet, music site Pitchfork have reported a representative for the musician has ‘confirmed that the singer-songwriter’s tweet was in reference to the occult ritual dates.’

Ok then…

Lana may not be the only one who is planning to use spells to uproot Trump from his position, as apparently other activists have said they will use ‘binding’ rituals to try and expel the president.

Very strange.