Leonardo DiCaprio Savages Donald Trump With This Comment And People Are Loving It


Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s Leonardo DiCaprio calling out Donald Trump for ignoring climate change. Kapow!

Yep, forget about wrestling CGI bears, DiCaprio’s currently got bigger fish to fry, and larger public figures to publicly condemn.

Apparently Leo vapes in the sack, so it’s unsurprising that he’s got the balls to take down the President of his country.

I mean, to be fair, anyone with a shred of sense would fire shots at Trump for his stance on the natural world. When he went out to see first-hand the effects of Hurricane Irma, he opened by boasting about the size of the crowd.

Taking the stage at the Yale Climate Conference, the actor revealed he met with Trump after the election to discuss a ‘comprehensive plan to tackle climate change’ with which clearly gone to pot.


He said:

We watched as this White House pulled us back from the Paris climate agreement, the landmark blueprint for containing global emissions and slowing the increase in global temperatures, and we listened as they said that the powerful forces of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma did not change the President’s mind about climate change.

I still believe that the United States has the potential to lead the world on this issue. We can only hope that the president begins to see it too, before it is too late.

You heard the man, Trump. Get your house in order before it melts or gets sunk or whatever these climate change junky liberals are telling us. I think they’re just trying to take away my guns. Sad!