Liam Gallagher Thought A$AP Rocky Was Called ‘WhatsApp Ricky’


In what must be the greatest name mix-up of the 21st Century, Liam Gallagher recently referred to A$AP Rocky as ‘WhatsApp Ricky’ in an interview. 

The ex-Oasis frontman spoke to GQ to discuss his thoughts on, well, pretty much everything. It’s LG. Nothing is off the cards.

During one bit, the conversation turned towards his kids’ taste in music.


Now, Gallagher has already made it clear in recent interviews that his sons love to listen to Grime, but he’s never gotten any names wrong.

Until now.

He said:

My kids fucking love grime music. Stormzy, Skepta – he seems pretty mad. I like him.

They also like that bloke, WhatsApp Ricky. You know, the American geezer, stylish, funny, gold teeth.


Hilarious. What a name.

The journalist did end up correcting the ‘Wall of Glass’ singer.

Liam replied:

Oh yeah, that’s the fella. WhatsApp Ricky. That’s a better fucking name anyway.

Gallagher recently slated James Corden when asked if he would ever appear on the talk show host’s Carpool Karaoke, calling him a ‘knobhead’.

As You Were, Gallagher’s first solo album, is due out in October.