Life-Sized Ford Mustang Made Of Snow ‘Gets Parking Ticket’

ford mustang snowSWNS

As a kid there were two reasons I loved snow; you could potentially get a day off school, and making snowmen is always fun.

One American family from icy Nebraska were tired of making snowmen, so they put their imaginations to good use, creating a life-sized 1967 Ford Mustang, based on the one in their garage.

The Blundell family made a Mustang so life-like it actually got a parking ticket, despite being made entirely of snow.

43-year-old Jason and 41-year-old Jess, who works at a car dealership, said they had a great time building the icy vehicle with their two teenage children, 17-year-old Shelby and 15-year-old Spencer.

Although it took five hours to make using shovels and concrete tools to shape it, it was worth the time and effort.

Nebraska State Patrol Sergeant Mick Downing spotted the creation on the street and realised it provided the perfect opportunity to play a prank on the family.

ford mustang snowSWNS

He said:

I am friends with the people who made the car and I saw they had posted a photo of it on social media.

I thought I’d pull a prank on them by putting an ‘intent to tow notice’ on it, asking the driver to remove the vehicle in 24 hours or it would get towed.

Not that I was going to tow a huge chunk of ice, that thing must weigh a ton, it’s a life-sized replica of a Ford Mustang it was packed solid!

It’s quite a work of art, we all thought it was really neat.

We agree Mick, the snow Mustang really is awesome!

ford mustang snowSWNS

Jason loved the prank, and admitted to the World Herald he couldn’t believe what he was seeing when it went viral.

He told the newspaper the family have built snow sculptures before, but this is the first time one has gained notoriety:

The start of that was to get my kids off their cellphones for a day. We actually had somebody come by while we were building it and they thought we were burying somebody’s car

Normally, we don’t do much with (the sculptures). We just take a couple pictures of them for ourselves. It just happened that our state trooper buddy came up to do a joke, and it blew up.

We are looking forward to seeing what the Blundells create next… it certainly won’t be your average snowman!

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