Lily Allen Responds Perfectly After Media Publish Vagina Picture Without Consent

by : UNILAD on : 24 May 2018 03:20

Lily Allen has responded perfectly after a Twitter troll published a picture of her vagina without consent.

The British singer took to her own social media account to laugh off the defamatory attempt at public shaming.


Allen, 33, addressed pictures of doing the rounds of her on stage in 2014 wearing a skirt with her at an angle where her private parts were on show.

She wrote:



In response to her tweet, media outlets alleged she had shared the explicit photo in order to promote her new album.

However, one Twitter user was quick to point out that this was not what happened at all, writing:


Allen has recently been vocal in her support of repealing the 8th amendment, proudly declaring herself as pro-choice to her fans.

The Abortion Rights Campaign and coalition of pro-choice groups in Ireland will be gathering signatures to call for a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland.


Allen still continues to make music, although she works at her own pace and has taken breaks from recording to raise her children and set up her fashion and record labels.

She announced in 2017 she was working on new album material and her album No Shame will arrive on June 8.

Speaking to StereoGum about the album, she said:


I wanted to write a record for me that felt truthful and honest, but also, I don’t wanna disappoint any people that supported me through the years. I’m self-aware enough to know that what people like about my writing is the directness and the honesty, but I think the difference between this album and previous records is that that honesty has usually been observations of other people and looking outwards.

This time it was about turning the observation in on myself. There’s nothing really that profound in that, I think that’s just growing up, realising I’m actually a person in the world who has to be doing some shit.

Allen’s singles include Not Fair, Alfie, and her first release, Smile.

Smile, The Fear and Somewhere Only We Know were her three records to make number one in the charts.

Her last two albums, Sheezus and It’s Not Me, It’s You, reached number one in the album charts.

She’s perhaps just as famous for her singing as she is her vocal support of causes she believes in. She once paid an emotional visit to the Calais Jungle, stating would take in a refugee if it was needed.

In the wake of the Grenfell disaster, she offered up ‘beds and tea’ on Twitter to those displaced by the fire.

Lily Allen slams Twitter trollsLily Allen slams Twitter trollsPA

Controversy arose when she claimed the media were downplaying the official death toll; speculation followed she’d been pulled from her planned appearance on Newsnight due to the remarks, although it was denied by show bosses.

Allen has been nominated for 68 awards and won 30, including the 2010 Brit Award for Best Female Solo Artist, three Ivor Novello songwriting awards, The Glamour Woman of the Year 2010 UK Solo Artist award, and 2017 Hero of the Year at the Diversity in Media awards.

Keep doing you, Lily.

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