Little Boy Shaves His And Sister’s Head After Finding Electric Razor

by : Francesca Donovan on : 14 Apr 2019 14:20
razor shaverazor shaveitsiannn/Twitter

Big brothers can be trying sometimes, especially curious big brothers armed with electrical items they’ve stumbled upon in the family home.

Take Teddy, for example. Teddy got his hands on his mum’s electric razor and, after giving himself a little trim, thought he’d extend the favour for his baby sister Eloise… because, you know, sharing is caring.


Here’s what happened next:

The little lad gave himself a fresh new lid using the hair-trimming implement, attacking his locks from the front.

Eloise wasn’t so lucky, on the other hand. Neither was the youngest of the three siblings, Freddy.


Teddy proceeded to hack away at his sister’s blonde tresses in a haphazard fashion, starting from the nape of her neck and giving her an on-trend undercut which extends pretty much all the way up the back of her head.

shaved headshaved headitsiannn/Twitter

Teddy left her bunches free of the cruel cut of the razor, leaving her with a cut which shall now be referred to as the ‘reverse monk’. As you do.

The American children’s mum, Stephie Leigh, was dutifully appalled but couldn’t help but see the funny side.


When Stephie asked her daughter if she liked her ‘new haircut’, the youngster simply replied: ‘No.’

mum of kids with shaved headsmum of kids with shaved headsitsiannn/Twitter

The mum continued the conversation by inquiring why Eloise let Teddy loose on her head with the clippers.

But her son insisted:


She said she liked me doing that a lot and I did it and we wanted to show you… How does my hair look? I mean, how does my no hair look?

Meanwhile, Eloise was in understandable emotional turmoil, asking her mum if she could ‘put her hair back’ while Stephie tried to convince her everything would be fine and that hair does grow back, after all.

How familiar does that conversation sound?


But Eloise wasn’t exactly loving her new look, telling Stephie:

Mummy, I look like a boy.

Her mum reassured her:

No you don’t look like a boy. You’re a beautiful girl. It doesn’t matter.

Her brother chimed in helpfully saying at least his sister’s ‘face looks like a girl’.

The now viral video was shared on Twitter by Stephie’s brother. It is unclear whether Teddy is still on the naughty step.

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