Logan Paul Has Agreed To Fight Angry Bagel Guy

by : Lucy Connolly on : 26 Jul 2019 12:25
logan paul Angry bagel guy fightlogan paul Angry bagel guy fightLogan Paul/Instagram/Newsflare

It seems the internet has a new celebrity, this time in the form of a five-foot man who went viral after he went on a rant in a bagel store earlier this month.


Now forever known as ‘Angry Bagel Guy,’ the man – actually called Chris Morgan – was filmed getting progressively more angry as he called out women on dating sites who mocked him about his height.

In the weeks following the rage-filled incident, 45-year-old Chris has since signed deals to fight other viral stars (because why not), leading YouTuber Logan Paul to agree to a fight with him.

In case you missed angry bagel guy’s outburst, you can check it out below:


Speaking exclusively to TMZ Sports, the American internet personality was speaking about his upcoming amateur boxing rematch with fellow YouTuber KSI when he was asked whether he’d fight Angry Bagel Guy.

Initially refusing because ‘he’s too small, bro’, Logan soon changed his tune when he was told the 45-year-old had been offering to fight everyone, even signing a deal with one fighting promoter.

Upon hearing that, the YouTuber said:

Fuck yeah, I’ll fight him. Yeah, I got it.

Not going down without a fight (literally), Chris soon responded with a message of his own for Logan – primarily that he was going to kick his ass.

In footage posted to MMA fighter Chris Weidman’s Instagram account after the pair trained together, Angry Bagel Guy had a few choice words for the YouTuber.

He said, dressed in full boxing gear:


Logan Paul, I saw you, I heard you talking shit. I’ve been training, get ready, be prepared for me to kick your ass.

Whether that’s true or not, I couldn’t say. What I can say is that Chris previously threatened to kick a man’s ass in the bagel shop, squaring up to him and asking him to ‘step outside’ before being thrown to the floor by another man. So make of that what you will.

Bagel shop rantBagel shop rantNewsflare

The original incident reportedly came about when Chris snapped after the woman behind the counter at Bagel Boss East in Bay Shore, New York, said she couldn’t understand him.

Angry Bagel Guy claimed he had asked for his order three times and that the girl mocked him in a way which reminded him of being rejected for dates in the past.

Since his outburst, the 45-year-old has declared himself a ‘prophet’ and has referred to himself as ‘the modern day Martin Luther King’. Which is a bit of a reach, but you know.

Bagel shop rantBagel shop rantNewsflare

Regardless of how he sees himself, it looks like we won’t have to wait long to see him in the ring because fighting promoter Damon Feldman has arranged for the American to put on some boxing gloves and take on a celebrity later this year in Atlantic City.

Whether that will be Logan, or any other viral celeb willing to take him on – and let’s be honest, there’s probably an abundance of them – still remains to be seen.

Whoever it is had better get training though, because I don’t think Chris has stepped out of that ring since being thrown to the ground in Bagel Boss East.

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