Logan Paul Made Insane Amount Of Money From His Apology

Logan Paul/YouTube

I don’t think I have ever been more horrified than when I heard YouTuber Logan Paul had laughed at a suicide victim’s body in Aokigahara Forest.

Not only did he show no respect to the remains of a human being, he uploaded footage of these remains through his YouTube channel; readily available to his many young fans.

I personally wasn’t sure an apology would be enough to make up for the hurt he and his friends’ casual mocking of a serious issue had caused.

However, I reasoned an apology would of course at least be a start towards showing some level of humanity.

Logan Paul/YouTube

This was of course until I heard how much he had made from his apology video, a figure which – at the time of writing – is thought to be in the ballpark of $14.7K to $117.5K according to report by SocialBlade.

These shocking figures are drawn from the 29.4 million views the monetised video received, as well as the one million comments.

People are understandably horrified about how Paul is continuing to profit from his repulsive actions.

One person tweeted:

It’s awful that Logan would do that, over something so serious and claiming that he’s not doing it for views when it’s obvious that video would get lots of views so he monetises it.

I haven’t watched it and neither should anyone else. it’s not a true apology

Another person said:

Do the world a favour and delete all your social media. Your apology is trash and you truly don’t care about anything but views and money.

This sickening new information comes after many people criticised the insincerity of Paul’s inadequate apology where he described ‘getting caught up in the moment’.

Posting his initial apology on Twitter, Paul wrote:

This is a first for me. I’ve never faced criticism like this before, because I’ve never made a mistake like this before.

I’m surrounded by good people and believe I make good decision, but I’m still a human being. I can be wrong.

I didn’t do it for views. I get views. I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity. That’s never the intention.

I intended to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention and while I thought ‘if this video saves just ONE life, it’ll be worth it’, I was misguided by shock and awe, as portrayed in the video. I still am.

He added:

I do this sh*t every day. I’ve made a 15 minute TV show EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 460+ days. One may understand that it’s easy to get caught up in the moment without fully weighing the possible ramifications.

I’m often reminded of how big of a reach I truly have & with great power comes great responsibility… for the first time in my life I’m regretful to say I handled that power incorrectly. It won’t happen again.

I love everyone. I believe in people. I’m out here. Peace.

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues in the article, and want to speak to someone in confidence, Samaritans are always on hand for those struggling, call their free number, 116 123.