Machine Gun Kelly Disses Eminem On Stage In Response To ‘Killshot’

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Eminem may have finally released a brutal diss track on Machine Gun Kelly, titled ‘Killshot’, but that doesn’t mean the young rapper is going anywhere anytime soon.

‘Shut the fuck up,’ Eminem starts, before going straight in on MGK’s looks, rapping: “How you gonna name yourself after a fucking gun and have a man bun?”

He also speaks out on their beef, adding: “Your reply got the crowd yellin’ ‘Oo’ so before you die let’s see who can out-petty who with your corny lines.

“I’m 45 and I’m still out-selling you.”

28-year-old Kelly, who has credited Mathers as the original inspiration behind his own hip-hop writings, recently sent for the veteran rapper in ‘Rap Devil’, a nod to Eminem’s Rap God.

On the track, Kelly slated Eminem’s ‘weird beard’ and blasted his last four albums as being ‘as bad as your selfie.’

The feud between Kelly and Slim Shady began way back in 2012 when Kelly tweeted about his daughter, Hailie being ‘hot as f*ck.’ Kelly also claimed Eminem banned him from appearing on his Shade 45 channel.

Kelly’s not done, though, if his Instagram is anything to go by. Check out this shade:


Eminem announced the drop of his 10th album, just eight months after the release of his previous record, Revival.

Kamikaze seems to have taken the world by storm, and has even been considered Slim’s best album in a decade.

The album quickly worked its way to the top of the Official UK Albums Char.

Kamikaze held on to the number one spot after its release to make music history.

The surprise album is Eminem’s ninth consecutive number one album, beating the previous record which he held alongside ABBA and Led Zeppelin, who have eight consecutive number one albums each.

Here he dissing Eminem on stage the other night:

Kind of like bringing a spoon to a gun fight. This is going to rage on.

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